About Kirk Turned Parts

Why Choose Kirk Turned Parts

Prior to the formation of Kirk Turned Parts in 2003 the owner Warren Harper served his time in the mid eighties as a tool room apprentice at the Rover on the Longbridge plant. From the start precision and quality was instilled in his work ethic. In the early nineties he transferred his ethics over to the production side of the industry and still plays an active role in the business today as head CNC setter.

Kirk Turned Parts has a range of CNC lathes and CNC/VMC milling machines. We have adapted our skills to produce components for a variety of industries using stainless steels, nickel alloys, mild steels and a wide range of other materials.

With our second operation section and welder we are able to keep all work on site and follow multi-operation jobs through from start to finish ensuring all work is completed to our own high standards. Quality is not just about having the right procedures in place but also having the right tools to do the job. This allows our staff to have a sense of pride that comes from seeing the job though to the end.

If we can accommodate it we will do it

Repeat business is the heart of Kirk Turned Parts. However, we are able to accommodate one off orders. A prime example of our dedication to service for one time only business is perhaps our biggest project to date. We were asked to produce the seating structure for the Bahrain Formula 1 race circuit. As a company we went above and beyond by renting an extra unit for the storage of aluminium extrusions. We also made machine modification and changes to our factory unit to accommodate the large extrusions. This project took planning and dedication but as a team we accomplished a successful project with maximum satisfaction.

Product Development

As a team Kirk Turned Parts will work with all our customers new and existing to perfect their products. Between the two senior setters there is over 35 years of production engineering experience.

They will listen to your ideas and offer advice on design, production and develop the prototypes to achieve the best results for the customer.

This is an important part of what we do as over 25 percent of our repeat work we have played an important part in the development of the product.

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