Kirk Turned Parts Services


Machines:- Citizen 32mm sliding head lathe, Nakamuria CNC lathes and Miyano 7 axis twin spindle lathe.

Capacity:- Turning from bar up to 42mm diameter.
Turning from billets up to 200 mm diameter.

The lathes are suitable both for small batch work as they have quick change over times and larger batches with over 4 meter magazine bar feeds allowing us to run them 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We also have a Capstain lathe which makes up part of our second operation section.


Machines:- Mazak and Feeler CNC vertical machining centres, with 3 axis and 24station changers.

Capacity:- 1000 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm Height.

Both the Mazak and Feeler machines are ideal for small batch work, as well as higher volume when jigged up.

Jigs are made in-house on our bridge port milling machine, which along with our two horizontal milling machines complement our second operation section.

Drilling and tapping

We do drilling and tapping in two ways. For the high tolerance precision work we use a CNC/VMC millers, and for the more simple lower tolerance we use our pillar drills and tappers.

The pillar drills and tappers are part of our second operation section but we do and are happy to take on drilling an tapping jobs.


Our MIG Welder is part of our second operation section. It is mostly used for work which has already gone through the turning or milling processes and need an additional welding operation.

It is also used for making the more simple work holding fixtures for other operations on the machines around the factory. This can lead to cost cuts by making quick simple Jigs to do their work on.

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