Kirk Turned Parts Environmental Ethics

Kirk Turned Parts follow enviromentally friendly procedures

We at Kirk Turned Parts understand that we live in an expanding industrial world and the pressure placed on the environment by this is ever increasing.

As an employer we feel that we have a responsibility to our employees, customers and the local community to recycle and be energy efficient wherever possible.

We work out of a modern insulated factory unit which holds the heat of the machines and does not need any extra heating, this saves on energy.

We use semi-synthetic long life oils that do not perish or expire. So there is very little waste and what little there is gets disposed of and recycled in the proper manner.

We use recycled boxes for packaging and we use the office paper too. All these factors not only help the environment but also help cut unnecessary cost which enables us to pass these savings onto our customers. We are continually looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly so any suggestions are always welcome.

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